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List of philosophy-related websites

Adapted from a list by Jeremy Butterfield of Nov 2001.

I volunteered to collect some philosophy-related websites for a learned society covering all disciplines that is planning to make a directory of websites. And I thought you might like the list I made. Most of you will have most of these, I expect, but it could be a useful list.
Best Jeremy Butterfield 

UK Jobs in all academic fields

what I am told is One of the Best bookfinder services (for all academic fields, I presume)

Internet tutorials in all academic fields from Resource Discovery Network

Physical sciences is:

ISI Web of Science Service for UK Education. (this is bibliographic and citation indices etc; not just Philosophy of course!)

Philosopher's Information Center (home of Philosophers Index, the main abstracting service for philosophy )

Philosophy: An Online Resource Guide

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

People with online papers in philosophy

University of London Advanced Philosophy

Ranking of Graduate Schools in UK US etc:

Internet Encyclopedias

Electronic preprint archives:
In philosophy of science

In physics and maths,

US learned societies:
Philosophy of Science Association

Other 'science studies' societies and activities

UK learned societies:
Brit Society Philosophy of Science

Philosophical and Religious Studies Subject Centre

Mind (as part of OUP philosophy journals site);
British Logic Colloquium
Philosophy Images
 Jeremy Butterfield Homepage:
Visit the new Oxford Philosophy of Physics website:


Author: I.J. Thompson (except as stated)